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Learning Japanese is Easy [15 Nov 2011|04:45pm]
Learning Japanese is EasyCollapse )
Genki desu ka?

The Opener: Chapter 5 [08 Nov 2011|03:12pm]
The Opener: Chapter 5Collapse )
Genki desu ka?

The Opener: Chapter 4 [08 Nov 2011|03:06pm]
The Opener: Chapter 4Collapse )
Genki desu ka?

The Opener: Chapter 3 [08 Nov 2011|03:01pm]
The Opener: Chapter 3Collapse )
Genki desu ka?

The Opener: Chapter 2 [08 Nov 2011|02:54pm]
The Opener: Chapter 2Collapse )
Genki desu ka?

My Minds Adrift: Chapter One [08 Nov 2011|12:20pm]
My Minds Adrift: Chapter One (Extreme Rough Draft)Collapse )
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New Changes to come to my journals... ^^ [07 Nov 2011|11:12pm]
Okay, so a friend told me of the story taking up the entire page. She told me about Lj cut making a link to the story so it don't take up the entire page. I'll be experimenting with it in the next post, and editing the other posts with it once i figure out what i'm doing. XD

For now, I hope everyone has a good night/day and May God be with you all.
Genki desu ka?

Update ^^ [06 Nov 2011|10:22pm]
Since i just got done with my actual homework, i can now start concentrating on editing my story. Four short stories a week is quite a bit of work. Makes me glad i just got this class only this semester. ^^

I hope everyone has a good night.
God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You.
Genki desu ka?

*Yawwwwnnnn* [02 Nov 2011|11:10am]
Just got up and i now know where i'm going to go with my story. We'll see if i have any time to write before i shower and go to work.
Sometimes getting too much sleep isn't good. XD

Hope everyone's day is going good. God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You. ^^
Genki desu ka?

The Opener :Chapter One [01 Nov 2011|05:31pm]
The Opener: Chapter OneCollapse )
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Now that sleep has come... [01 Nov 2011|09:47am]
Morning everyone! Now that sleep has come, i can write some more. I just have eight more pages of someone's story to read and i'm all done, except with the critiqing part. XD That will be easy.

Laundry day is here. Unless i want to wear dirty clothes to work, then i got to get them cleaned. XD Got to love that right?

I will keep everyone updated on the stories, once they're finished and edited. The first one is up. Feel free and comment on it if you wish. Comments are good. ^^

I'm off to start to the day of homework. God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You.
Genki desu ka?

^^ [27 Oct 2011|11:11pm]
Today wasn't so bad. I got a nap in before class and got to see Takahashi sensei! This made me realize how much i miss taking Japanese! No worries there though. I get to help out a friend from class with his Japanese 101 class. That's perfect for me! I get to recap what little of the language i know. *jumps for joy*

Sooo... things are going great.

Good night, God Bless and Peace Be With You all.
Genki desu ka?

Finally... [27 Oct 2011|12:52am]
After being away from lj for so long, i forgot about how the html thing works on it. When you take a story from Microsoft Word directly to lj, you have to be careful how it is. I eventually figured it out. ^^

Got another story in the making but that will take time. It'll be posted up whenever i get it edited a little and completed.

Seeing as it's late, i'm going to head to bed.
God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You,

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Roommate Cocktail! [26 Oct 2011|12:23am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Just a note to everyone, when you get befriended on my livejournal, you are agreeing not to steal
anything i write on here. If you wish to use it, ask for permission. Thanks in advance.

Roommate Cocktail

Roommate CocktailCollapse )

Genki desu ka?

Starting a blog again... [25 Oct 2011|10:46pm]
Okay, so it's been a while since i've written anything on livejournal. I figured i'd start today.

For all of those that actually read this, here's an update. Currently, i am back in school working on completing an associates of arts and a certificate of creative writing. I'm only about 10 classes away from finishing. The pain of school is almost over. ^^

I also have been taking a Intro to Creative Writing class with some awesome classmates. I'm already seeing improvement in my writing skill. Perhaps, this will get my chances of finishing a novel accomplished.

My only concern in posting my short stories here is the chance of them being stolen by someone else. However, i was told by a friends publicist that this is the way to get the word out.

Here's for the update. ^^ I just got to get the courage to post it up here.

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You,
Isie. ^^
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4:50 am friday morning... [10 Jul 2009|01:17pm]
I was woken up by Roger at this time. "I think somebody's been shot."
I could hear someone tapping on the window in Rogers room. confused and slightly alarmed, I thought someone might be playing a joke for some odd reason.
Knowing it's stupid to go out alone, I put a key in my hand *in case anyone tried to attack* and went outside with roger. We made sure he had his phone just in case this scenario was real.

I approached first, ready to use the key as a weapon if necessary. It's not everyday this happens after all. My heart dropped when I saw him look at me startled. It was obvious he was bleeding and holding his wound with his hand to put pressure on it. He was stabbed in the chest.

Immediately I had roger dial 911 and had him get a towel. I knew better than to leave this guy alone since I wasn't sure if the person who'd done it was still around looking for him.

Found out that the guy had been staying the night with his friend and someone had broke in through the window. The stabbed guy confronted the bugler and told him 'You shouldn't be breaking in here.' A fight broke out and he got stabbed with a piece of glass. From the looks of the wound, it looked like it missed the heart. *lucky guy*

After that, the stabbed guy ran until he found rogers bedroom light on and began knocking.

This is just a little reminder to me to close my blinds at night and to be more careful. This is the first time anything like this has happened at any place i've lived.

I hope the guys alright.

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You.
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been youtube surfing... I dare you to watch! Ooooh~~~ [02 Jul 2009|11:43pm]

enjoy everyone! ^^

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You
Genki desu ka?

Blah~ [27 Jun 2009|01:28pm]
[ mood | sick ]

last night (at 3 am) i woke up to what seemed to be a severe heartburn attack. Seeing as i've never had one this bad, it took almost two hours to three for two tums to take effect enough to at least lessen the degree of the heartburn. *sigh* I had to be sitting on the couch leaning against the corner for that to even work.

I called in sick today. for some reason, i'm incredibly sore and my stomach is all sensetive. If the cat jumps on it, it hurts. If I lean a certain way, same thing. It's weird what's going on. I have no appetite either. Forced myself to eat a banana and a small piece of sausage.

I don't trust myself to drive, so i called my mom this morning for some pepto bismo and apple juice. I'm hoping one of these works to clear it up some. If I'm feeling same tommorrow (seeing as I can't stand up for too long and i start to get dizzy when i go out in the heat), i'm going to get a doctors note and take a few more days off.

i'm also extremely bored and no court shows are on. I'm only comfortable sitting in a leaning position on the couch. I'm not walking around much. I'll see how things go.

Isn't is strange how these things strike at such random times?

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You,

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Gameworks fun! [05 Jun 2009|12:55am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Roger and I just came back from Gameworks. On thursdays, from 9 am to 12 am they have unlimited games. This excludes ticket and picture games though... was going to go to the picture games. lol

For the picture machine, I remember seeing all the machines for half off! so that means when the machine is working, three dollar pictures!

All of us should go there on a thursday and have fun! What does everyone say?

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You.

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[30 May 2009|06:38pm]
Update time... ^^

Finally got my PS3 to play the youtube video's of star trek. They have the entire series on their and it's FREE!!! *jumps for joy* as well as the rest of the star trek series!!! so far my favorite episode is ssn 1 episode 2. soo awesome!

Found out how to update the ps3 to the newest by talking with the rep. He told me how to access normal functions on the controller. I can tell you that when i figured it out I was one happy camper. the ps3 rocks! Some of the stuff in their store's expensive so i'll never buy it. lol

Looked at the next two weeks schedule and they're cutting/messing up everyone's hours. I overheard my coworkers talking about it and boy were they not kidding. Looks like i'm going to have to readjust my budget again. I might take a loan out for classes in the fall since i'm unsure of how much more they're going to cut hours at my work. *sigh* One thing i do know, I want to go back to school.

I might be heading to bed soon. it's getting around the time I start to go...
Hope everyone has a good night.

God Bless, Sweet Dreams and Peace Be With You,
Genki desu ka?

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